Tuesday, November 16

As the World Turns, Colin Powell Tells All My Children to follow their Guiding Light.

Enough already with the Cabinet who's in/who's out soap opera. Politics has never been so boring.

Colin Powell made 27 mil in speaker's fees before he became Secretary of State {see article}. So why should he stay and make a government salary to keep his mouth shut?

And first up against the wall when the revolution comes: the folks who called their network affliliates to complain when their CSI show was interrupted with news of Arafat's death. Is it time to overcome your television addiction?

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  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    This is Comrade Kevin.

    I tried to log in as a fellow 'blogger, but the server is being naughty.


    Television IS Satan. I don't think I've watched it for more than an hour at a time (minus Presidential debates and news coverage, which is an exception) for years and years. Frankly, most of it insults me. I hate commercials more than anything.

    A friend of mine recently told me that my "social ineptitude" is due to the fact that I just "didn't watch enough sitcoms". And you know what...I didn't. I didn't watch enough people live "reality" for me to correctly tell me how to live my life.

    So I guess I grew up strange (read: an individual).


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