Tuesday, February 16

Here's a Photoshop challenge

Organic George sent me a link to this anti-Democrats photoshop, and asked me to use my skills "to rebut."

But here's the deal: I think that's pretty good 'shopping.

Still, I love a challenge.

So here [link] is the big photoshop I worked on in reply.

And here are some detail shots and explanation:

Detail 1 Sarah Palin as Alice, avoiding looking at the writing on her hands. John McCain as the White Rabbit knows time is running out, and Ensign, Sanford, and Vitter sit in their well-fertilized garden with no consequences for their thorns.

Detail 2. Note that since Driftglass had already done Glenn Beck as the Hatter, I just had Johnny Depp carry a framed version of that marvelous work. The worm Rush Limbaugh looks down from his shroom.

Detail 3
. White Queen Ann Coulter, Red Queen Michelle Malkin (a perfect fit) and the Cheshire Cat Rupert Murdoch. You'll note that Glenn Beck appears here too as both Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee but I didn't photoshop those; Tim Burton must have known.

Anyone wanting to top that, I'd love it. My guideline suggestion is make sure there are at least ten "characters" in your photoshop.

PS. If you want, I'll post or link to your offerings later in the week. Email them to me at the address on the sidebar. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I knew I could count on you!



  2. Awesome in its awesomely awesome awesomeness. It is now my desktop wallpaper.

    Well done, that.

  3. Well done, and the perfect venue "Alice in Wonderland" couldn't be better..

  4. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Do I ned to give all my money to the government before I can have this as a screen saver? I looks like everyone was at the party

  5. Blue Gal,
    The photomontage(s) are wonderful works!

    Keep up this great work!

  6. Wild Colonial Girl7:28 AM

    Well Done!!!

  7. Never posted here before. Saw your picture at Crooks & Liars. You're f*cking amazing. That is all.

    Kevin Holsinger

  8. Anonymous10:12 AM

    You rock.

  9. Anonymous12:19 PM

    More like Alice in Blunderland

  10. Amazing! Perfect character matches! You have a great talent!

  11. Hey Fran, Nicely done, and thanks for issuing a P-shop challenge; harder to refuse than a handful of cheetos. Check out these nutballs: http://bit.ly/bMJP0M

  12. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Blue Gal, I have a photo mashup to share with you but I'm not sure how....please advise.

  13. This is f***king fabulous! Hope someone posts it on Grifter Granny Palin's FB. Personally, I never go there.

  14. emrysa6:03 PM

    great work! these people really are living in wonderland - the non-reality.

  15. 'Red Queen' and 'White Queen' in Alice in Wonderland?

    Damnit, keep your filthy paws off it, Burton. They appear in 'Through the Looking Glass'. Lewis Carroll actually writes a sequel for you, and then you mash them together?

    It's barbarians as the gates, I tell you!!!!

  16. i love it!

    this is from back in june, but i managed to get a pic of all the rethuglican senators and what they do behind closed doors.

    (it was before scotty brown was elected, so there is no full nudity)

  17. I don't know how I missed your Blog ! The net is full of wonderful things.


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