Wednesday, February 16

Memo to the Democrats

TO: The Democratic Party
FROM: Blue Gal

Hiya Howard! Howzit hangin'? Hey, lissen up from the bluest gal in the Bible Belt. NOTHING will take the wind outta the sails of the religious right faster than a compromise on abortion. Lookee, our president has compromised already:

In an Oval Office interview on Jan. 26, Bush responded to a question as to what steps he planned to take against abortion, saying: “I think the goal ought to be to convince people to value life. But I fully understand our society is divided on the issue and that there will be abortions. That's reality. It seems like to me my job is to try to convince people to make right choices in life, to understand there are alternatives to abortion, like adoption, and I will continue to do so.”

Woo hee. Duzznt look like Dubya's gonna overturn Roe v. Wade. Makes sense, wouldn't wanna be paying for that flight to Norway if Jenna forgits to take her pill.

Oh my goodness gracious. Is Blue Gal sayin [gasp] Hillary is right? er, yep.

Oh, Memo to Hilary:

TO: Hilary Clinton
FROM: Blue Gal

Puh-leeze take a page outta Ted Kennedy's book and realize once and for all:


Stay in the Senate and don't even THINK about national office.

Love, (and give that philandering SOB cutie husband a big wet kiss from)

Blue Gal


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Noooo! Bushie Boy isn't saying he won't overturn Roe. He's saying he doesn't plan to use a litmus test. But he does, dangit!

    As always, how do we know he's lying? (It's an old joke, but it fits.)


  2. But Bob! Y'll are kinda insulated up thar in Massachusetts! What Bushie said pissed people off down here! "I fully understand our society is divided on the issue and that there will be abortions. That's reality."??? Not if Jesus Christ were running the country, No sir-hee-haw. Now we gotta get back to basics here, and this is an issue that's gonna lose us blues elections from here to kingdom come. Middle America, the silent majority, etc. doesn't like abortion, doesn't want it illegal, but is not comfortable with the number of abortions performed in this country nor are they comfortable voting for a president that approves of abortion. That's reality.

    And you're right about the lips moving.

  3. Anonymous7:31 AM

    You may be right, but I think they'll forgive him when Roe gets overturned (I give it three years tops).



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