Tuesday, October 18

In Which The Professional Left Podcast Pulls a Scott Brown

I'm working on the press release to promote the 100th Episode of The Professional Left Podcast, and I wonder if to save time I could just use the Scott Brown Summer Intern Trick and copy someone else's work.  Would any one notice?

THE Internet, somewhere near a cornfield Illinois., Oct 11, 2011 (NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Professional Left Podcast, a pioneer in the development of swearing on i-Tunes known as "podcasting" and now a member of the liberal media cabal, celebrates 100 episodes of operation on November 4, 2011.
"The Professional Left Podcast has played a critical role in the development of many successful commercial, industrial and consumer cuss words early in the 21st Century," said Driftglass, chief executive officer of Professional Left parent company, DGBG Podcast. "The innovative swear words  produced by company founders Driftglass and Blue Gal provide an excellent example to all liberal bloggers today."
The Professional Left started out as a small endeavor, producing such precision cuss words as "fucknozzle," "Loesch-lips," and "Brownback."   By late 2010, the gearmotor was born when the company mounted a small motor to a miniature speed reducer to provide the display industry with a complete package.  Thus the swear word, "You betcha, Palin!" was born. 
During World War II, The Professional Left's facilities were, of course, converted to defense production. After the war, the podcast helped develop new automated methods that allowed family farms to be more profane and manufactured cuss words for the vending machine, cup dispensing and pinball industries.
While copying this press release, Blue Gal pointed out to Driftglass that "gearmotor tool," when combined with "fuck" or "dumbass" in myriad combinations,  might be implemented by the podcast into any number of names for a GOP Presidential candidate or New York Times columnist. 
The Professional Left global podcasting footprint includes Crooks and Liars, Netroots Nation Radio, and Changzhou, China, and they are celebrating their 100th episode with employee events throughout the year.  


  1. November 4th!

    Zombie birthday +1! Half century mark, wheee.

    I think I have listened to every one, so I will be turning 100 with you also.

  2. The 100th Episode of The Professional Left Podcast! Yay! :o)

  3. That would be a lot for a passer-by to digest. Glad I speak your language. :)

    Good luck on your 100th, you two. It'll be an easy lift, because you're right and you know it.

  4. Woohoo! Congratulations, BG and DG!

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for a hundred hours or so -- but really, much more, since I've listened to every one of them twice or three times -- of the best "talk" anywhere, on the internets or off.

    I keep listening because I'm trying to internalize that relentless DG and BG style, so I can unleash it on all the wingnuts and loons who cross my path in the real world. :-)


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