Monday, February 25

I didn't even watch the Oscars (tm) but I'm a fashion psychic

I saw a pic of Heidi Klum with her boobs hanging out (it would have been okay if Seth MacFarlane had sung "Hey Heidi, just Heidi, we SEE your boobs.")  Anyway I photo-shopped some better-looking lack-of-cleavage for her on Tumblr.

Then I see Michelle Obama fixed the dress already and it looks better in silver, too. 


  1. One of my greatest joys of the week has been seeing how forehead-veiny pissed conservatives have been that the First Lady deigned to have something to do with the Oscars(tm). We delivered the coolest, most stylish First Lady in decades, and it is making them tear out their own eyeballs. Happy happy joy joy.

  2. Yes especially with smiling troops in the background since the meme was "the troops love W" while he was putting them in a meat grinder in Iraq (for no good reason).

  3. I like your shop's neckline better than the one that Mrs. Obama actually wore, even though she look stunningly beautiful in hers.

  4. I hope you saw the Chobani ad. Lol


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