Friday, May 24

Ep 181 The Professional Left Podcast

The on-air "talent" at Morning Joe cope with one of theirs referring to Senator Graham as "a woman."

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  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    You know, for a moment, I thought you had broken your promise to your husband and actually *watched* Joe Scarborough. I still think John Stewart's comment that he looks like an elderly lesbian is perfect.

    Anyway, sometimes I wonder what would happen if Sen. Graham were outed. If there were no photographic evidence, I think he would simply attack the media and finish his term, as per "wide stance". If there were photographic evidence, and it were not explicit, then I thin the right could blame it on George Soros, and cause enough "controversy" for Graham to finish his term. (And as we all know, when the dead rise from the grave to terrorize the Good Patriotic Christian American living, it is usually by anonymously posting Photoshops on the internet.)* If Graham were to be in drag or, worse, with a black guy, it would end his career instantly.

    I do think we are at a point where there is a possible third option. While it may or may not work for a congressperson from the South, it is possible that the GOP may try to turn such an event against the Democrats. The GOP is trying to re-brand themselves as "not hateful ignorant bigots" (and it's working so well). We also all know that the primary, and often only, psychological defense mechanism of conservatives is projection. (After the local mountaintop removal mining, the land is poison, the rivers are acidic, and a quarter of the town has leukemia. It must be the Job Killing EPA Regulations of homo-luvin' progressive Demon-cRATs!) I think that we are at the point where one of the next few, or possibly the next high-profile, instance of a Republican hooker or wide-stance incident will be thrown back at progressives. I think the ruling case of the conservatives may very well try to turn such an incident into "proof" that conservatives value privacy and personal freedom, while progressives and the liberal media are attacking the outed Republican because they have always been the homophobic party and hate freedom. I think that they are close to or at the point that the Lazy (centrist) and Stupid (Tea Party) wings of the base would be susceptible to such re-programming. I think the Crazy wing (Fundies and Birchers) are the only ones with the memory that they would recoil. Since the Crazies tend to be the motivators and organizers of the Stupid, I don't think the ruling caste thinks the Tea Party can hold the Evangelicals in check. It's usually the other way around.

    This is essentially what conservatives are trying to do with the Civil Rights movement. I know it will eventually happen with the gay rights movement. I wonder if the memory drain has become so fast that we may be at that point now.


    * For fun, ask conservatives how old George Soros is today.

  2. OMG. I really can't believe I just saw that. That performance is unworthy of a high schooler. I'm stunned they would want to be seen by the public as such homophobes and bullies.


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