Friday, August 23

Ep 194 The Professional Left Podcast

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Ordinances of Secession for the Southern States

Science Fiction University:  How the internet reacted to the casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker in Batman.

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  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Love the podcast.

  2. In the last podcase, you referred to Chelsea Manning repeatedly as "Bradley" and "he", after she had announced her self-identification as "Chelsea" and female. You also (I think) made mention of that self-identification. I hope I'm mistaken. If the AP and the New York Times can get this right (, I know that you can.

  3. As I've mentioned to the two emailers who brought this up, you're talking to people who get their kids' names wrong at stressed out times of the day! And the change in pronoun is new, and might take some practice. It's not a slur, just a mistake. But yes, we have nothing but love for Chelsea Manning and those like her who face so much misunderstanding and lack of empathy in life. I pray for her to find healing and wholeness and happiness.


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