Friday, March 28

Ep 225 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Hello, dear Blue Gal,

    So. I thought I would drop this flaming bag of odious poo on your doorstep, and see if I could goad you into stomping it out.

    Yes, you know anything starting with "Pat Robertson" is going to be good, in a "let's see if we can exhaust Bible Bitch" way, but the rest... Yep. He says it. Can I get a "Dafuq?!?" from Bible Bitch?

    Now, Rabbi Lapin is a whore, plain and simple. He knows he's paid very well to put on his little Biblical sock-puppet show for the superstitious knuckle-draggers.

    But Robertson's intro.....


  2. Why these days is poor taste in the best taste?

    Or am I just too beaten down by the Supreme fools?

    Love your blog!


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