Friday, June 20

Ep 237 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. Newbroom3:04 AM

    The propaganda machine was well oiled. Patriotic sound bytes in response to manufactured fear.
    Off the top of MY head:
    The New York Times / Judith Miller
    All signers of the 1997 PNAC letter (which include most of the first ones you mentioned, Wm Kristol, and a shitload of other power crazed madmen)
    As for the TV shows, there was ALWAYS - Lindsay Graham, Joe Lieberman, and Johnny Mc. About every 6 months we'd be treated with the real face of evil on Meet the Press with Timmah. The Angler.
    If you haven't read that, it's invigorating.
    Really, in an unregulated Capitalistic economic system it's Buyer Beware, and the Public deserves its share of blame for failure to do their job of questioning the media.
    But, I think most of us did see the folly and it got done anyway.
    Kind of how it might have happened in Germany?
    I could never get my head around that, but now?


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