Friday, July 25

Ep 242 The Professional Left Podcast

via Cognitive Dissident
OOPS: Please note: There's an extra fifteen minutes of empty air at the END of this week's podcast. Technical error, does not affect the whole show, but when we say goodbye at around 1:15 it's over! Thanks.
Links for this episode:

Texas Republican State Senator argues for compassion for REFUGEES at the border -- Town Hall attendee insists that he represent THEM not the refugees.  

Terry Lynn Land, Republican party candidate for Senate in Michigan, “forgot” she had 3 million dollars in the bank.

CSpan Caller Barfs Up Fox News Talking Points

Marc Maron’s IFC episode about podcasting.  (full episode available online)

Answer Me Jesus “magic 8 ball” toy.  Yarn made from Indian saris.  

X Minus One on the Internet Archive (listen online)

Link to Science Fiction University Answers:

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  1. I am so sick of lies and insanity ruining my ability to communicate with otherwise functional people that I wanted to thank you for putting the no lies poster thing up here. Yes, I followed your link, but I wanted to thank you, because if you hadn't posted it, I never would have seen it.

    -Doug in Oakland


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