Wednesday, September 7

Junior Dude - Freewriting - "College Essay"

Junior Dude's Brit Lit teacher is awesome. And she got her high school seniors freewriting today on the topic of "A college (application) essay" -- here's the one my son wrote.

               Me? I love to fight for justice. From the British in 1776 to the Soviets in the 1980's and every war in between. I am crafty. I can make a sniper rifle that can kill someone 10 miles away out of nothing but sticks and tape. I can cook. Once the President awarded me the Medal of Honor for cooking him the best steak he's ever had. I am intelligent. I know how to destroy black holes and keep stars from exploding. I am charismatic. Once I convinced a smoking hot woman to bring her friends back to my hotel room. Let's just say that night was wild. I am a winner. Once I won an election with 100% of the vote. And over 80 million votes were cast. I am a sports god. Once I got 6 home runs, 4 touchdowns, 8 slam dunks, and 18 holes in one--all on the same day. I have done everything you can think of. Except go to college.

You know what mom's reaction is?

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