Friday, September 9

Our Weekly Podcast - The Professional Left Ep 92

Note:  I get a little emotional in this episode but my husband talks me down. :)

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Thanks again to Frank Chow for the graphic and Heather at Crooks and Liars Video Cafe for their help. And don't forget you can listen to our archives for free with no downloads or registration at Professional Left.


  1. found you via The Field Negro. Listened to the podcast for about ten minutes & laughed.

    Peggy Noonan sets my teeth on edge and the nicest thing I ever say about her is she's a smarmy c*#t. I almost NEVER use the word "smarmy", so there ya go. Thanks for dissing her & Steele & Perry & the whole she-bang.

  2. Hi you're worry about the future really broke my heart when I heard the podsast. If I could bring you and your family out to Australia for a bit of healing I would, my dear. Stay well and have the rest you might need. xxx


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