Tuesday, November 15

Bonus Podcast Content - Driftglass on the Radio



  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I totally get why you love this guy.

  2. Busted left this comment and I clicked the wrong button to put it here! Dang blogger....

    Bustednuckles has left a new comment on your post "Bonus Podcast Content - Driftglass on the Radio":

    There is a damn good reason he got Blogger of the year.

    It's late so I will try and catch this later.

    Good things are starting to happen to you two and I am just tickled.

    You deserve all the good things life can hand ya, it's called Karma honey.

    You two should be good for at least the next fifty years for all the good things you have been doing.

    Talk about Karma?
    My word verification is "Bless"

    You have mine in spades lady.


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