Wednesday, November 2

Today Is My Seventh Blogiversary

Modesty's 7th Birthday Cake

My husband, who most definitely would not be my husband were it not for blogging, reminded me that my blogiversary is today.

When I started podcasting I had to make a decision -- give up writing daily or give my children to some public agency. And yet, my kids consider themselves lucky that this is not a Mommy Blog. And I know they are blessed by my activities -- they compete for mom's attention by seeing who can come up with the best Michele Bachmann joke. The youngest child often wins.

I'm still glad to be here after all these years.  Thanks for being here, too.


  1. And we're awfully glad you're here. And that you're not writing a mommy blog. Happy blogiversary! (My eighth was in August. We didn't do anything. Just stayed home, watched TV, ordered pizza.)

  2. Congratulations, and thanks for the blogging and the podding!

  3. Happy Blogiversary!

    - Tengrain and meself

  4. Good on you Blue Gal!!

  5. Good job! I've been reading and listening for much of the time. Keep fighting. Never let the bastards see you cry.

  6. Where does the time go?

  7. That is a nice cake. I aspire to blog for seven years just for a cake like that.

    Congratulations =)

  8. Happy Happy Blogmommy!

    While cause for genuine celebration, it's also a dank day since the Shrub still walks free. (Yeah, still bitter)

    Thank you always for all that you do.

  9. Yay, you!

    For all that this isn't a mommy blog, my little man still remembers "the lady in the computer" who sang the terrific song about the World's Meanest Mommy.

    And that's not a small thing to be remembered for...

    But thanks for all the OTHER hard work, hard graft, and good writing. In a perfect world David Brooks would be lifting your trash can lid to find something yummy and you'd be inside writing the column where his used to be.


  10. Fran, you're a Very Important Person in my life. You encouraged me to begin blogging, and though I've strayed from the path of fomenting social action, I'm still on that page, trusting you to move the ball forward even as I hang back and photograph the action.

    Thank you for being Blue Gal, my Super Hero.

    And Happy Blogiversary. You're a milepost in the world of blogs-as-political-discourse.

    And I love you for that.

  11. From a very bad blogger to a very good blogger...Happy blogiversary, BG.


  12. Congratulations my dear lady!

    Seven years of blogging on the internets is seventy seven in dog years!

    Good on ya and I wish to see you here many more.

  13. ¡Feliz aniversario, hermana! It's great to have you blogging.
    My blog's fifth anniversary was on Monday, but it's not as much fun as yours.

  14. Ah oh her age is showing.

    But seriously folks 7 years is an eternity by todays' standards. And whether you know it or not you have had an influence either directly or indirectly on all of us out here in the blogosphere.

  15. You certainly have my congratulations... I've been following you the whole seven years.
    - Bill at Under The LobsterScope

  16. I've been outta da loop, got me a new knee.
    Just starting to come out of my post op drug haze & submitting myself to physical therapy-- bend knee bend!!!
    Anyway belated Happy Blogiversary. Keep on keepin' on & viva la revelucion & all that good stuff.


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