Saturday, December 31

A David Brooks Photoshop for Driftglass

Because as much as I love Charlie Pierce (they are not the same person thanks for asking)  "The Husband" gets first dibs.  Apparently David Effin Brooks wrote something 800 words long about how neighbors taking care of neighbors is

is part of a communitarian conservative tradition that goes back to thinkers like Russell Kirk and Robert Nisbet. Forty years ago, Kirk led one of the two great poles of conservatism. It existed in creative tension with the other great pole, Milton Friedman’s free-market philosophy.

So tight communities are a form of the good conservatism we (we?) lost sight of in our pursuit of Milton Friedman profit margins.  Oooh kay.   Still not sure if DG is going to write this one up, but still.... Has Brooks taken a really CLOSE look at the co-stars of his drama?



  1. So in Brooks rendition," a form of the good conservatism".... his favorite part of the "it's a wonderful life" movie, is when old man Potter
    (the 1%), steals the money from the savings & loan guy, Uncle Billy (the 99%) intends to deposit.
    Visions of Pottersville dance in his head???

  2. Zuzu never looked cuter.

    So whenever a bell rings, the invisible hand of the free market gives an angel their wings. And if it doesn't because of some crazy government regulations, that's just crazy. Can't you see how crazy that is? If you don't see how crazy that is, you're just crazy. And that's crazy that you're so crazy you can't see how crazy that is.

    (I'm not sure if Paul has ever said anything of this sort, but in the same way that every time Pat Robertson talks all I can hear is a manic "hee hee hee..." every time Paul says anything, I hear "This is crazy. It's just crazy. Can't you see how crazy this is? It's crazy." And I don't think this makes me crazy.)


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