Sunday, January 1

Awesome New Year's Resolution!!!

Awesome Canadian Blogger RossK wrote us this morning:

Happy New Year Blue Gal et al.--

We just received our transnational ProLeftPod Notepad*** in the mail....

Inspired us to make our first New Year's Resolution.

It's what we all have to do, Ross!  Thanks very very much.  

*** We send notepads as thank yous to those who donate $15.00 or more at one time to the podcast.  


  1. You are most welcome BG and DG.

    And this being New Year's Day and all....

    Now is the time on/in Leftcoast Canuckistan when we...

    Got to the...


  2. You are the media. Calling "Bullshit!" on the Talking Heads is one of the most important jobs The Media can do, and you two do it like no others.

    I've never been one to wish my life away, but I do have to admit to looking forward to Fridays because I know I'll be getting a dose of you.

    Thank you for your cogency.


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