Friday, January 13

Ep 110 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. Great podcast! I particularly like when you went into the short theological discussion and Blue Gal's comment about idolatry WRT the bible. That's really thinking outside the usual frame of Christianity, and an objection to fundamentalism that I've never heard from any atheist or agnostic. Kudos.

    I learned years ago of the tension in early Christianity between Paul's doctrine of justification by faith and St. James' view of justification by good works, (which as a Buddhist-leaning atheist I of course prefer) so I'm happy to hear that BG's denomination seems to lean toward the latter. Here's a nice bit I recently stumbled on:

    "Paul Tillich discusses the Lutheran idea of "justification by faith," making the argument that it is at least partially responsible for the loss of faithfulness to the revolutionary example of Jesus, and its replacement with a belief in which the will to be honest had to struggle with the will to be saved: "Faith as the state of being grasped by an ultimate, was distorted and became the belief in doctrine."

    Another brilliant observation that falls beyond the pale that clergy or believers are willing or ready to consider.


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