Friday, January 13

You totally need to buy Girl Scout Cookies this year, Liberals.

Podcast up next, but first....You need Girl Scout cookies!  Because the right wing has their panties in a real twist about teaching girls to have enough self-esteem to take care of themselves, and be accepting of others regardless of how they might be different.   Because teaching intolerance is much more Christian?  I'm not going to use the eff word in a post about the Girl Scouts.

Also, I'm not going to mention how many camp counselors were, um, tomboys at my daughter's Girl Scout summer camp last year.   It has ALWAYS been that way, yes, even in the fifties.  ESPECIALLY in the fifties.  Check out Smith College or any other majority-woman institution.  They are where the girls are, and that's not predatory, it's just human.  Lesbians and the transgendered are not a threat to our daughters, get over it.

Anyhoo, if a Girl Scout Troop is not available to you and you would like to buy some cookies, email me at bluegalsblog  AT  gmail and I will hook you up with some delicious self-esteem building tolerance cookies.  Apparently there are also websites and even an iPhone app for cookie finding.  And several of the cookie varieties are vegan, which, I hear, are very popular with you commies.

You're welcome.  


  1. Love this post. I'll definitely buy some of those commie cookies this year. My husband and I can't eat them anymore, but I'll give 'em to our grandkids. (Gotta indoctrinate them at an early age, right?)

  2. I don't eat no Lard-Coated Caca, but for the first time in at least a generation, I'm gonna find me some o' them Commie-Wafers and buy 'em.

    Because you said to, and they said, "Don't!"

  3. While I love the cookies, isn't there a good argument that the girls are being exploited by the cookie companies? Free labor and it is my understanding that up to 25% of the proceeds go to the cookie company. If people knew they were repackaged Keepler cookies, would so many be sold? I wonder what political party the cookie companies donate to--Put me down for two boxes of thin mints. They are great when frozen!

  4. I don't know how they used to do it, but these days the girls get real money to spend on Girl Scout stuff when they sell cookies. There is also a clear understanding that proceeds from the troop's sales go back to the troop. My girls attended camp last summer on full scholarship funded by cookie sales.

  5. Been there, done that, as a Cub/Webelos/ Boy Scout.

    The high light of summer camp was looking for Brownies to eat.

    After a bad joke and it was, I certainly have compassion for these young ladies and when the bottom line finally hits at corporate head quarters, those young ladies and their supporters are going to have delivered a huge kick to the Gonads of some corporate assholes and scored a direct hit.

    Organize this.

    Good on ya.


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