Saturday, January 28

Newt gets a visit from his old business partner. [Photoshop]

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  1. Take that big chain, wrap it around his neck and jerk it hard and fast.

  2. I don't endorse that kind of violence, Busted. But in many ways and figuratively speaking, we are all still suffering from the chains Reagan forged in life. Obviously Gingrich will have a lot to carry into the next world, too.

  3. spot on Fran, as always

  4. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Historical revisionism in service of the False Gods of the Radical Reicht has been raised to high art by the current crop of Republiclowns.

    Kudos on the 'shop, M'Dear. I can tweak my landscapes, but have no idea how to fabricate stuff like this (though it conveys reality in a way which the un-editorialized images miss!)

  5. Love this, so appropriate.


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