Wednesday, January 11

My mom is an artist.

Actually both my parents are artists.  And yesterday Dad sent me some artwork by my mom, including this:

There are portraits of each family member in charcoal.  They're not photographic likenesses, they're better than that.  Thanks very much, Mom.  

And PS I'm reading a letter on the podcast this weekend, to my mother on the subject of politics.   Watch this space.  


  1. That is a treasure. xoxo

  2. what wonderful treasures!

  3. about a billion internet light years ago you and I began our friendship when I posted a photo spread of a visit to The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh where your folks exhibit. an amazing place. a lovely thing for your Mom to do.

  4. True that, Sandy -- My dad had a show there himself in 2005.

  5. Very cool - what talent!

    Keep that in "archival conditions," you'll value it beyond measure in the future.

    ..and I bet she's a Leftie, too! <3


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