Monday, January 9

Nevermind your cancelled show, gimme that bowl of fresh eggs, Martha!

Time Magazine opines that Martha Stewart's show on Hallmark Channel was cancelled because viewers can no longer "aspire to a lifestyle that seems absurd in this economy."  And I was going to make up some fake current-economy Martha Stewart topics, like 

"Combining Your Moved-In Relatives' Food Stamps for the Perfect Dinner Party"

"Paper Crafts for Up-cycling Your Resume" 

"Cleaning Jewelry for Top Pawn Shop Dollar"

But it turns out Amy Sedaris has already written "Simple Times:  Crafts for Poor People."  

Hey, at least Martha still has her magazine, complete with her monthly PLANNING calendar.

I realize that in the world of satire Martha Effing Stewart is low-hanging fruit.  But  in this economy, the only person I want to see add to their Outlook Calendar "Bring a BOWL of fresh EGGS to OFFICE." is John Waters.

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  1. Whaaaa?

    You mean to say that it's actually better to FEEL good than to LOOK good?

    ummm. DUH!

    Though I never really listened or watched, it's nice to know I'll hear less of this crap from the herd.

    Enough of the "I've upped my standards. UP YOURS!" bullshit.
    I don't care how many double-wides you glue together with pretentious toxic sludge. We're all peace and happiness seeking trailer-trash at heart.

    WV= coodues
    How do you do that?!?


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