Thursday, August 2

My favorite submitted caption for Romney with the Queen

Thanks to everyone who submitted such clever comments, including Burning Bush who submitted the above.  (Sorry to be late with the results I was busy with the #RomneyPython hashtag on twitter.


  1. Thanks again for the great tweets, BG! And of course, for this terrific poster. I think #RomneyPython may have been a wee bit too quirky/cerebral for some--certainly we had nowhere near the amount of wingnut hijacking one normally sees with liberal hashtag games. And I guess I have to accept that not everyone is a Python fan, so the whole thing made very little (if any) sense to the non-watchers.

    Seriously, though: How can any liberal *not* adore such classics as the Dead Parrot Sketch; the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, and Menaing of Life movies; and a gazillion other hilarious sketches that I could on and on and on about....but won't bore you. ;-)

    1. Ha! Call me clueless — or nerdish — but when you guys said "Python" I was thinking the computer coding/scripting language rather than the wonderful comedy troupe. My bad. If I'd realized, I'd have been there.


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