Monday, August 6

No WONDER the GOP doesn't want NASA funding!


  1. Great! Wasn't there a "late-nite" thing about the iceberg's having broken off from Greenland, and its having revealed a Willard "offshore" account? Need to keep this stuff coming. Need to keep awareness alive.

    Way to go, Blue Gal!

  2. You know what would make this go away? Apparently when Mitt was auditioning as VP for John McCain in 2008 he handed them twenty some years of tax returns. John McCain could easily stand up and say that he won't breach Mitt's privacy but he has seen the tax returns and they are kosher. He could say that, if it were true. Easy solution.

  3. Why is it unthinkable that Romney paid no tax when the world's biggest corporations make billions in profits and then tax refunds?


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