Wednesday, September 5

Aw looks like a certain NYT columnist couldn't sleep last night.

Click for larger; did not get published. :D


  1. I thought I found this guy to be revolting _before_, eh? ...And a potty mouth too, ironically... flinging invective and casting aspersion because--unintelligent, unprogressive, and unbrave--he fulsomely demonstrates that he has no capacity to understand, no aptitude to accept, no ability to incorporate, and no skill to recognize! ...Best to DG! All hail!

  2. It sure sounds like he wants to "take you away from all this". You truly live a Lifetime Channel, Meredith Baxter Birney-romance movie life, don't you?

  3. Kinda creepy. Driftglass' anger is understandable. I put something up a little more angry than I normally do on my blog after the video/speech by that mother with the sick little girl. Under Romney, that little girl will die.

  4. Yeah BG, dump the smart chump and go for the NYT dollar.
    That NYT Times dollar? Now that's a good dollar.

    I can't tell you how many times I've had this "discussion".

    Wingnut: "Chill Dude, why are you so pissed off?"

    ME: Fuck you Dude, if you want me to stop being pissed off stop lying and doing the stupid shit you do then blame me for the less than stellar outcome! Stop voting for liars and cheering for the clusterfucks."

    Wingnut: "Well, I refuse to talk to pissed off people..." TAX CUTS! Drill baby Drill! Bomb everyone!
    Kill the Hippie! Don't you see my flag pin? I'm a patriot! You need to STFU! Love it or Leave it!"

    As Heinlein related: There's never an airlock around when you need one...

    (Gratuitous. Now I have to take a drink!)


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