Friday, September 7

Ep 144 The Professional Left Podcast

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Medicaid covers more than half the births in Illinois

Romney Doesn't Just Want to Cut Medicare, He Wants to Cut Medicaid Too

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  1. Great graphic, Fran!

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    This is both brilliant and adorable - the Middle Child Dessert was just what I needed to wash down the artery-clogging reality of our present situation as you dissect and reveal it.

    I'm unemployed (and unemployable) for going on a year now, but if my fortunes reverse you're on my Payable To list!

  3. Run DNC! I love it!

  4. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Superb as always!

    Also, when I took "History of the English Language" (my only masters level class, and I got an A), Shakespeare came up. One of the reasons the language sounds a bit overwrought is not just keeping to iambic pentameter. Shakespeare wrote at what is considered "Early Modern English". Since formal (aristocratic and "literature") language changes slower than the vulgate, the nobility of his time were essentially still speaking something closer to Late Middle English. The French vocabulary had not yet trickled down and saturated the masses, and the grammar had a stronger German influence. He was known to use fronting for the topic of a question (often the verb, "Kill he the king?") or backing the verb for dramatic effect ("The king in passion the queen did kill.")


  5. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I also wanted to mention your comments about atheists and anti-theists. There is a difference. Some atheists do have an ax to grind, and your comment about "white privilege" was appropriate. As someone who is theist but non-Christian, I've had some really bizarre conversations with atheists trying to "disprove" the Bible to me based on some of the really bad translations therein (some of which are purposeful). I usually know more about the history of the mistranslations they throw about. It always comes down to:

    "But how can you know all that and believe in God?"

    "I'm not Christian. Not my book; not my problem."

    "Ok, but the Old Testament..."

    "Not Jewish."

    *blink* ... *blink*

    There is a cultural norm in our society that if you're white, you're Christian or Jewish. "Other" is for brown people.

    Personally, I would love to see more atheists in public office. The evangelicals have had such a focused long-term effort to "take back" government that I think the best that can be done now is disarm the influence of religion.


  6. Anonymous5:39 PM

    As to your comments about using Teh Google to do actual research, there is a very poignant way to get that across, the site “Let Me Google That For You”:

    You type in search terms in a Google front-end, hit “Search”, and you get a link:

    You get a nice javascript front-end that operates Google for you.

    Oh, and the second hit on the death camp one is something about psychic attacks by the CIA causing people to dream about concentration camps.



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