Monday, January 28

Bay Buchanan, Real Estate Agent, for real!

Bay Buchanan has abandoned political punditry for the world of Beltway Real Estate. (h/t Blogenfreude) She's got a 25-year-old picture on her website. Also, no mention of her "work" with Romney.


Confession: I genuinely feel sorry for the old battle axe. Where's her wingnut welfare? No imaginary desk at the Heritage Foundation for an (admittedly insane, but she could phone it in) trooper, Jim DeMint, you hemorrhoidal fuckface?


  1. No, she doesn't know about karma; she's a real-la-tor for God's sake.

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM


    Does every house come with a mold stain that looks like Jesus?

    Or Ayn Rand?


  3. And she looks pretty old in that photo, to boot. (Not trying to be catty, just saying why bother, especially if you've been a public figure? Significantly inaccurate/outdated headshots are a baaaad move in theater, film and commercials… and dating sites, for that matter.)

    McLean is one of the more affluent areas in the greater DC region. This may actually be a form of wingnut welfare, with Bay putting in light hours and exploiting her contacts to reap big commissions. (Think of a more conservative Sally Quinn schmoozing it up.) More work than required at a think tank, perhaps, but I'd be surprised if she's putting in more than a half-week regularly. Surf the web, do lunch, show a house, done.


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