Tuesday, June 11

I love reading @MargaretAtwood

Finally started Year of the Flood this week. I have to catch up because the third book in her trilogy comes out in September. (BTW I recommend the audio book version of book one: Oryx and Crake. Campbell Scott's narration is really good.)

 I came to this paragraph:

   She relocates several slugs and snails and pulls out some weeds, leaving the purslane: she can steam that later. On the delicate carrot fronds she finds two bright-blue kudzu moth caterpillars. Though developed as a biological control for invasive kudzu, they seem to prefer garden vegetables. In one of those jokey moves so common in the first years of gene-splicing, their designer gave them a baby face at the front end, with big eyes and a happy smile, which makes them remarkably difficult to kill. She pulls them off the carrots, their mandibles chewing ravenously beneath their cutie-pie masks, lifts the edge of the netting, and tosses them outside the fence. No doubt they'll be back.

 And I just had to do a photoshop:


 What are you reading this summer?

 I have several paperbacks by John Green on my list. The Fault in Our Stars was a lovely read. And I finished Three Junes  by Julia Glass (yes, I am catching up, as I said). Hard time getting used to the character "Fern," but in the end she fit into the story.

 Share your summer reads in comments. Thanks.

 P.S. For more Margaret Atwood from my archives, click here.

UPDATE:  This made my whole summer:


  1. Silent Bob8:57 AM

    my Mom gave me Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth and World Without End for my birthday. I'd also like to read something by John Updike, because I never have, but don't know which book to choose.

    1. Everybody I've heard on this subject says start with Rabbit Run (1960) or a collection of his short stories. He was a master at short stories.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Yay, book talk! I started a new job in January, which includes a lengthy bus commute (90 minutes round trip on most days), which has done wonders for reading time. For the first time in years, I put together a list of books to read for the year, and I might actually to get to most of it!

    Here's a few highlights of things I want to get to this summer:

    - Wise Blood, by Flannery O'Connor
    - Caligula for President, by Cintra Wilson
    - The Angel Esmerelda, by Don DeLillo
    - You Don't Know Me, But You Don't Like Me, by Nathan Rabin
    - Ragtime, by E.L. Doctorow
    - Driftglass, by Samuel Delaney (Hey!)

    Of the things I've read so far this year, here are my top 5 favorites that you might enjoy:

    1. The Middlesteins, by Jami Attenberg
    2. The Dog of the South, by Charles Portis
    3. Masters of Atlantis, also by Charles Portis
    4. Miles from Nowhere, by Nami Mun (harrowing, but good)
    5. Drinking with Men, by Rosie Schaap

    And woo hoo for the RT from Margaret Atwood!

  3. I believe that tweet means you win the Internets for a week.


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