Friday, June 28

Ep 186 The Professional Left Podcast

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Fellow podcaster Matt Filipowicz got robbed on his way back from NN.

Bob and Chez podcast.

Matt Taibbi on advocacy journalism.

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  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    My Letter! Awesome!

    Though I tried to write a response, but the Interwebs Gods redirected me to Google.... :(

    Thank you! Lots of luvz!

    Oh, and does Little Hecate wait for people who linger a crossroads, waiting to ambush those who linger?

    And, yes, Minecraft is awesome.

    About, the "Book of Revelations", as I now try to impress Blue Gal, is technically "The Apocalypse of John the Lesser", is actually representative of a category of religious text. Your main categories in the new testament (and these apply broadly to any religious writing) are gospels (about the life of a religious figure), acts (about the lives of disciples), epistles (letters), and apocalypse (prophetic and revelatory writing, usually with an end-of-days theme). In early Christian writing, there were actually many books that were later deemed non-cannon, in each of these categories. While the "Book of Acts" follows many of the apostles, there were several "Acts of ..." about individual apostles. In addition, there were other apocalypse books in early Christian history, the two most common being "The Apocalypse of Peter" (which one would think Dante used as an inspiration for "Inferno", as the theme is similar) and "The Shepherd of Hermas" (which involves conversations with angels about morality, the future, and end times).

    One of the reasons "The Apocalypse of John the Lesser" was accepted as cannon was, as Driftglass put it, much of it is about the Roman occupation. Thus, people could point to large sections of the book and say, "See! Some of this has already happened! So the rest MUST be true!". However, after nearly 2000 years, we've forgotten that, and assume it's all someone trying to transcribe a temporal lobe seizure.

    However, apocalypse books all do try to use the doom and hellfire approach to try to scare people into following the religious tenants. Books like "The Apocalypse of Peter" are almost entirely a hellfire and brimstone sermon. With the "Book of Revelations", however, I would say Driftglass is about 75% right. I think a lot of it is encoded history. However, I think there is also a healthy dose of "and we have to be good Christians because when the Christ returns as a warrior god and kicks the Romans' asses, you want to be on his good side!".

    ^ sign of authenticity

  2. Anonymous4:02 PM


    So, since another podcast is mentioned, I want to mention "The DMZ", with progressive Bill Scher (who has been on MSNBC), and conservative Matt K. Lewis. I want to bring this up because in a past podcast, DG & BG were asked if there are any respectable conservatives, and I think DG's first answer was Matt Lewis.

    So, the linky:

    Or on Liberal Oasis: (the June 28 DMZ)

    So. This is relevant for two reasons. The first is their discussion of the same revival of Crossfire. Scher calls Newt Gingrich "a whirling Dervish of insanity", and Lewis just keeps talking. What struck me is how Lewis was talking up S. E. Cupp, and how this is her rising star. Now... Cupp is photogenic, I will give her that. There are actually some very good pictures of her online. (Not just that she's pretty, but she posed well and the pictures were well composed.) However, while Lewis was talking about how Cupp will be leaving MSNBC where she's surrounded by liberals, he was a bit evasive on Scher bringing up that Cupp works for The Blaze. I must say that, while I am no fan of Cupp, I have yet to hear her say anything that I find particularly intelligent, and sometimes it's a wait for her to say something correct. Let's not forget she has cited articles from Town Hall on "The Cycle". While Lewis often laments the loss of Burkean Conservatism, he is fawning over a woman who's background is largely focused around working for Glen Beck. Lewis also called Tucker Carlson a journalist (yes, Lewis put those words together like they belong together), and tries to insist that John Stewart's indictment of Crossfire was actually against journalism and "both sides".

    Then... Bill Scher prompts Matt Lewis to discus a "revelation" he had about movement conservatives. I won't give it away, but I will say that it really sounded as if they wrote a script based on listening to a dozen or so randomly picked Professional Left Podcasts. Also, I am posting this on both blogs, because I have a request for Goodwife Blue Gal.I would like to request that around 11 minutes, you turn on a recording device near Driftglass. I would not only like both your comments on what Matt Lewis says, but I would cherish a recording of Driftglass' reaction and commentary, unfiltered. And, do not answer the phone if the children call. Trust me. They do not need to hear dad using profanity that melts the fabric of space and time.

    May you and yours be happy, peaceful, and well.



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