Friday, July 5

Ep 187 The Professional Left Podcast

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N Carolina War on Women.

Thomas Roberts says GOP men far too worried about "sanctity of sperm."

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  1. LOL @ "Greenwald free".

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Can I just take a moment to gratuitously point out that Thomas Roberts and his husband are both *scorching* hawt?

    Happy Birthday!

    Oh, and the Neocons will never call out *other* theocrats because the Neocons get so much support from *our* theocrats. That is why you don't hear about Muslims trying to convert people, but you hear the old Communism scare propaganda cut-and-paste'd with "Sharia Law". That makes it sound more like politics than a religion.

    And, if I can make book recommendations, since the Q Document was brought up, both "Lost Christianities" and "Misquoting Jesus" by Dr. Bart Ehrman. "Misquoting Jesus" is about textual reconstruction of the earliest known versions of canon and semi-canon texts, and is written in a more accessible, easily read language. "Lost Christianities" is about the staggering differences in early "Christianities". Essentially, the modern Catholic / Protestant split is nothing. Some were polytheists, and there were very divergent views on who Jesus was. Also, there is an explanation of where some of the antisemitism came from.

    May you and yours be happy, peaceful, and well.
    And Minecraft is awesome.


  3. The answer to your question about why they get so upset is that they don't believe in brotherhood.


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