Tuesday, July 16

Thank you, thank you, for all the kind birthday wishes.

As my darling husband Driftglass says, it's a milestone because we have ten fingers and ten toes.

I'll spend the day knitting and reading (heaven), then out to dinner at "our place."

We're off to a knitting convention in Indianapolis this weekend.   So I have a great week planned.

[Happy Birthday to my mom, who was born today also.  It's always a special time to exchange "same day birthday" wishes.]

Thanks again for all the kind wishes.  I'm so grateful for all my internet and f2f friends.  xoxoxo


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Happy Birthday, Blue Gal! Much thanks to you and Driftglass for the podcasts and blogs.


  2. Happy Birthday Fran!

  3. Happy birthday...we appreciate what you bring to the blogosphere!

  4. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Happy birthday again,

    Please look at page 50 of the book I sent you.

    Greetings Mark

    1. Hey Mark I got your "bookmark"! Send me your email at bluegalsblog AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Now there's a neat trick. You're 50 yrs. old . You were born today (7/16/2013) and your mother was also born today(7/16/2013). Wow! That's gotta be some record!!! Two miracles right there! You should be up for Sainthood!!

  6. Happy (day late) Birthday, Blue Gal! Hope you had a great day. Enjoy the knitting convention!

  7. Happy Birthday birthday Girl! I read both you and the Driftglass blog but don't comment. I will say your photoshops are quite entertaining, and I'm glad you've found "Twoo Wuv."

  8. Happy Birthday, BlueGal!

  9. Shoot.

    I get busy for a few days trying to keep food in the house and I miss your birthday.

    Hope it was heavenly.

    (Knowing your husband, I have no doubt.)

    Love ya,



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