Friday, July 12

Ep 188 The Professional Left Podcast

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DG and BG appear on The Matthew Filipowicz Show (at the 36 minute mark)
Gasland Part 2
Public ignorance runs rampant.
From Science Fiction University, economic writing on science fiction (spoiler, pdf)

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  1. Did you really just bark an order at Driftglass telling him to stop talking about something you didn't like at 10:15 in the latest podcast?

    Like an angry parent?

    "Alright, I want you to stop that now!"

    Driftglass, meekly: "Okay."

    It sounds like you were pointing your finger in his face when you said that. This is how mothers talk to misbehaving 5 year olds.

    Driftglass was making an extremely important and valid point: A certain element in our population, an element you have dwelled as much as any other over the course of your 188 episodes, refuses to acknowledge that the GOP is much worse than the Democrats, and the most they are willing to concede is that we need a new, even more conservative (libertarian) third party: voting for the Democrats is out of the question under all circumstances, no matter how extreme and dangerous the GOP becomes. This is an important point!

    You know, Blue Gal, I'd not have said a thing about it, but this has become a habit -- a bad habit -- of yours over the course of the past 20 or 30 podcasts, and it has gotten dramatically worse in the past 5-10. I'm getting sick of it. I've been a loyal, contributing fan to your podcast since I first learned of it in your first year. I've listened to every show since, and I recommend you to everyone I know. I've corresponded with you and DG by email several times.

    But lately I find myself getting angry at the way you are abusing, insulting, and bullying Driftglass. That means I'm not enjoying myself when I listen to your show. And if I'm not able to enjoy it, I will have to stop listening. It would break my heart to have to do this, because your podcast has brought me so much pleasure for such a long time. But something has changed, and you can't seem to help yourself from openly showing contempt, hostility and disrespect for Driftglass in all your recent podcasts. I happen to admire and respect Driftglass a great deal, just as I admire and respect you. But because of my affection for him, I find myself getting defensive on his behalf at the way you are now mistreating him.

    Please, Fran: Figure out how you got so off track, and make an effort to fix it. And please think about apologizing to Drifty.

    Now I'm going to listen to the rest of this podcast and hope there is no more bullying or insults.

    1. Hey Jack thanks for this feedback. I should have deleted that line in the podcast. What you may not know is, DG and I record in different rooms for the podcast, and I am the sole editor/producer for the final product. So when DG goes off on a tangent that we both know we don't want in the final show (and sorry, at 10:15 he was being silly on purpose) he's creating work for me and he knows it. I will be more careful to delete times when I am being the hard-nosed podcast director rather than the adoring wife, which I am as soon as the microphone is turned off. This podcast takes over five hours to produce. About an hour and a half of recording time, an hour of prep (which DG does a lot of) and 3-4 hours, yes hours, of editing. If either of us gets off track by a lot, it pushes towards 4 and there goes my entire day. So yes, I get tough. And DG has promised me no Glenn Greenwald for a month, because we discussed him four podcasts in a row, and we heard about it from listeners that we were getting repetitive. Thanks again!

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      I support Blue Gal's birthday wish.


  2. Jack,

    Please think about apologizing to BG. There is no modicum of any of that going on. I rely on her to shape the final piece that we post every week and that means she has to be keenly aware of the clock and when we're running long or I'm riding a tangent out over the horizon. If we were in the same room we'd do hand signals I suppose, but since we're in two different locations I need her acting in her capacity as editor-in-real-time to hail me when its time to move along, which is sometimes harder than others. I assure you, the only rule we have is that we keep doing this until it stops being fun and it is still enormously fun for me.


  3. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Happy Birthday! Your cake day is the same as my mother's. And ironically, from comments dropped over the years, I think DG may share my father's cake day... Weird.

    Perhaps I should go to and see if I can sell them a "scandal"! :-)

    As for your comments on public defenders vs. prosecutors, the latter put people *into* jail, so it's a profit center.


  4. Happy birthday.

    I have to keep reminding myself that when you hit 50, your (every bodies) youth literally becomes history. Which is why I hope the new, deranged 'Lone Ranger' movie is a huge international hit. Then I can start re-issuing all those bad 'Tonto' jokes.

    For some reason 30 year old Indian programmer never get the humor.

  5. Happy Birthday, Blue Gal. My older brother's b-day is today also, and he needs some good wishes; having been long-term unemployed, and over 55 to boot, he has been struggling and would have lost his house if my younger brother and I hadn't been helping him out.

    FWIW, I heard nothing of what Jack did in that portion of the podcast. It seemed to me to be in the gentle teasing sort that couples develop internally. I wouldn't let it worry you too much Blue Gal, especially on your birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday Blue Gal !!

    Remember, its not middle age, if you are going to live to 150!
    ....thats what I keep telling myself!


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