Thursday, April 17

Blue Gal tries car shopping.

 Ed note:  This post is not a spam catcher.  :D

Hello! I'm a fifty year old mother of three and I am interested in that 2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta you have listed on for $479,995.

My pediatrician recommends my children sit in the back seat until they reach the age of 12.  I notice this car in the picture does not have a back seat.  Is it because the back seat is optional?  You really can't charge extra for a back seat with a price like that. 

Also, if I get an eight year car loan at 2.9% interest that car will cost $5600 a month.  I don't even begin to make that much, and besides, that's a lot of money for 3.6-second 60-mph time, which, you gotta admit, isn't all that great for a 731-hp car with 509 lb-ft of torque.   I know, because I've done my research!  But some information is missing.  Tell me, does the Berlinetta have one of those automatic parallel park it by itself thingies?  Because sometimes I have to parallel park at Junior Dude's orthodontist.

I hope we can work out something about the payments.  How about my husband writes a number on a piece of paper and you check with your manager?  That is, depending on the optional rear seat.  Thanks!


  1. Don't let your son talk you into it!

  2. I'm hoping that number gambit works!

    May I have a ride?

  3. Sure would make that drive to the kids' school much more enjoyable.


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