Friday, April 4

Do these cookies make my progressivism look big?

I'm going to be one of the curmudgeons who said two weeks ago that Honey Maid's "This is Wholesome" campaign is over the top. The only "alternative" couple missing from the first ad was chandelier bondage aficionados. It felt like an overly eager attempt to catch a ride on the rainbow Oreo / Cheerios mixed couple bandwagon, and the art studio "response" stirs in an episode of Portlandia.

The response on social media at this point`to anything promoting "different family" is completely predictable: Wingnuts shout "not my values!" Everyone else shouts "Yeah Huh Our Values!" And meanwhile the BRAND NAME of the product is mentioned and endorsed a million times in the name of outrage. 

Congratulations to the Madison Avenue geniuses who knew it would work, ("That hipster clicktivist dollar is a good dollar!") but are we really at the point where buying or boycotting a cookie/cereal/cracker is how we prove our politics? Really?

That said, hands off my Girl Scout Cookies, because, Sisterhood.

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