Friday, May 23

Ep 233 The Professional Left Podcast

Blue Gal "Mad Men"'s Herself.

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  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Appreciated your comments about the many kinds of anti-immigrant bigotry that have been part of American society from time to time, including anti-German and anti-Irish bigotry ... you might have mentioned anti-Italian bigotry too.

    But, the one I like to throw back at anti-hispanic conservatives from time to time, because it hits so close to home with many of them, is the outrage over Chicago's "hillbilly problem":

    "Most authorities rate them at the bottom of the heap, socially, morally, mentally—and at the top of those migrant “undesirables” contributing to the city’s increased crime rate.

    “The average Chicagoan doesn’t realize it, but it isn’t our own people committing the crimes—it’s the migrants taking over, forcing our own long time residents to move out,” said Lt. Michael Delaney, head of the police juvenile section.


    “It’s a dangerous situation, one that we have to wake up to and face. These migrants are United States citizens, free to roam anywhere they wish. But they have turned the streets of Chicago into a lawless free-for-all with their primitive jungle tactics” [said Walter Devereux, chief investigator for the Chicago Crime commission].

    "Authorities are reluctant to point a finger at any one segment of the population or nationality group, but they agree that the southern hillbilly migrants, who have descended on Chicago like a plague of locusts in the last few years, have the lowest standard of living and moral code [if any] of all, the biggest capacity for liquor, and the most savage and vicious tactics when drunk, which is most of the time.

  2. Re; megachurch/megarich guy joel osteen. pronounce the o in osteen like the o in "show". his dad, john, started this church after being booted from the southern baptist cult for faith healing rituals. when john osteen died, he was already on local TV sunday's, and joel picked up the banner and started feel-good therapy sermons(very little said about jesus and sin and such) and things took off! my uncle was heavy into it and i attended his funeral service at the old Lakewood site in the rough northeast side of houston near the ship channel. when the rockets moved downtown to the toyota center building, the old rockets stadium became the new vacant mini-astrodome. instead of the wrecking ball, lakewood moved in on a sweetheart deal, renovated it, and the rest is hi$tory. on sunday, they have shift sermons every two hours, at least one in espanol. with his trophy wife and the whitest teeth in cap-tivity-diamondvision screens and a rockin' band (i used to play blues gigs with one of the hammond B-3 players), it easy to see why this showbiz version of prosperity doctrine works. even a "blood-thirsty pagan" such as myself got caught up in the mass hysteria at uncle RW's wake. if i was capable, i would have been turning jake blues cartwheels down the aisle before i knew what was happening!


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