Friday, August 15

Ep 245 The Professional Left Podcast

"I guess Stalin is dead."

Links for this episode:

Cal Lash on militarization of police forces, 2008.  

Daily Kos:  Michael Brown's School

HuffPo  what can white people do?

Boycott Staples

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  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    "She's too lazy to prepare her material. That really is her problem."

    Really, Bluegal? You're going to try to narrow it down to her having *that one* problem?




    1. I think a lot of neocons would have been delighted (not to mention not totally embarrassed - I'm looking at you, Bill Kristol) if Palin had hit the books and become an expert on US-Russia relations and pro-petroleum energy policy. But she is intellectually lazy, so we get drill baby drill and ghost written hardcover bestsellers. I do think if she weren't so intellectually lazy she'd have a career in politics far higher than say, Bachmann.


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