Wednesday, November 2

Saying Goodbye to my Mom...

I got back yesterday from Pittsburgh. Said goodbye to my mother, who is in home hospice. All I want to say about that is that the day I was there was a good day for her -- all three of her children, 3 daughters, were there and she is home. The hospice nurse is terrific and someone my mother likes and trusts. The hospice agency brought medicine for her stomach and anticipatory medicine should she have any pain. She says for now she has not. And Mom's dog lies on the floor next to the bed with loyalty and love. Dad brought popsicles and she was able to eat one. And she talked to me about her latest paintings and how she's feeling and she knew pretty much everything that's going on except a bit of confusion as to time of day. There is SO MUCH to be grateful for.
This photo is from 1966, I think it's likely Christmas, as the infant, my youngest sister, was born in November of that year. I'm the one on the right. Middle sister on the left. I do think I had three kids in part because she did. :D
The last thing my mom asked me for was to look at her hair and tell her if it was long enough to donate for wigs for pediatric cancer patients. Always she thinks of what she can GIVE. I am so grateful for that legacy.

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  1. It runs in your family, Fran.

    Much love your way.

  2. She is beautiful, as is your own sad account of impending loss.

  3. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Love and Light, BG.

  5. Heartfelt condolences, Bluegal.

  6. What a gorgeous group of girls.

    You've been so lucky, Fran.

    My heart and healing thoughts go out to you all.

    You've had a blessed life.

    Love to everyone.


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