Thursday, March 3

5 to 4? I'll take it.

I'll take more of those 5 to 4 decisions if they turn out like this one: Source: The Washington Post care of

"Our determination finds confirmation in the stark reality that the United States is the only country in the world that continues to give official sanction to the juvenile death penalty."

- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, writing in the court's decision to abolish the death penalty for juvenile offenders. The decision cancels the execution of 73 people who committed their crimes before age 18.

And by the way, look here at all them...dare I say it? BLUE STATES!!! But what's that big ugly white blob at the bottom center? Oh, it's Texas. You dems better keep fighting those judicial candidates, boys, or Blue Gal's gonna hafta smack.


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  1. Comrade Fran,

    My British and Canadian friends think we're barbarians for even HAVING the death penalty.

    Suffice it to say that it's just another example of how we don't treat CAUSES in this society, we treat after-effects...which is as, as you know, totally missing the point.


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