Friday, January 25

Question of the day...

If they were real, exactly how many years would Wilma put up with Fred's bullshit?

Don't answer that.


  1. My, Barney's quite the little cancer-stick pitchman.

    As to the unanswerable question - Maybe it's inertia, or maybe it's money...After all, Fred could have been a contender (adult language).


  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    A smart cavewoman might make sure his insurance with Metropolitan Life(The Rock) is paid in full in case Fred might have a mishap with some boulder or brontosauras burger.....

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    What? Don't all wives and moms mow the lawn while their adoring hubbies take a Winston cigarette break?

    All kidding aside, if I were Wilma (or Betty), I'd stop what I was doing, light up one of Barney's smokes (in my case a blunt), sit next to them and ask "what's up fellas? Nice day isn't it?" I mean why waste good energy on anger when you can simply join in on the festivities?

  4. Wow! Sexism and smoking!

    I remember this jingle from listening to broadcasts of old radio programs.

    Hey, if we keep voting Republicans in, all the Wilmas can put up with it for many years to come!

  5. Wilma wouldn't have to put up with it long ...lung cancer would put an end to Fred.


  6. On a guess?

    As long as Peg put up with Al.

    Or Marge put up with Homer.

    Or Lois put up with Peter.




  7. well they could share their smokes like lucy and dezi

  8. Long enough to win the Presidency, I'd say.


    *rim shot*

    Yes, I'll be here all night.


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