Monday, May 30

About that hostage taking with tax cuts and Medicare

I'm not sure yet about Ryan, but Grover Norquist and Rush? They just wanna see the muthafukka burn.

And the fact that Ryan and McConnell and Boehner and the rest of the Republicans have let those two unelected moneybags take over the policy directives of their party is the crime of the century.


  1. It's criminal, but not unintended. The problem is that the democrats aren't responding by taking a hard tack to the left. Instead they act as if the republicans actually have something to offer. Cut those fuckers off at their knees and let them squirm. Then piss on them and move on.

  2. An apt metaphor, and one of your more memorable Photoshops. Alas that Norquist is still so under the radar for most Americans, and that the Beltway gang didn't bother to actually read (let alone understand) Ryan's latest fraudulent "plan." Luckily, Rush will explain everything!

  3. "some men, Master Bruce, just want to see the world burn." Alfred the Butler about the Joker, The Dark Knight

  4. Nothing tragic there-- I say let them have enough rope to hang themselves. All we need to seal the deal is Palin to run as a Tea party/ 3rd party candidate & Obama (although he has flaws, still the best candidate on the table), will win the election with ease.
    So go ahead GOP.... keep on proposing the demise of Medicare & Run Sarah Run.
    It is hard to look away from the train wreck though, isn't it?

  5. If Barack the Less than Bold doesn't want to leaad the liberal/progressive effort many of us have given our lives to, he should just say so. Tired of having my heart broken. Want to know where we're going. Need to see some resolve and kickass on display. Only so much rev up left in the tank. What's he going to say in 2012, this time I really mean it?

  6. Anonymous10:10 PM

    My Kingdom for a friggin' conservative, rather than these radically-right nit-wits.

    Even The Weeping Boner isn't bat-shit crazy enough for the Republican Primary crowd, so we may indeed see the High Latitude Grifter carrying a good deal of what passes for water on that side of the aisle.


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