Monday, May 23

Time out for a tee vee review

And if you don't know what jumping it means, here.


  1. I've been a huge fan of Hugh Laurie for years. He's a hell of a piano player, and his work with Stephen Fry is truly classic comedy.
    I watched a few episodes of House, and in the beginning it was mildly entertaining, as curmudgeons can be.
    But, jumped up Jesus on skis, it was the same show week after week! Occasionally the patient would die, and it was never Lupus, but how many times can people be expected to sit through: 1. Weird illness; 2. Wrong diagnosis; 3. Treatment makes illness worse / rules out initial diagnosis; 4. New diagnosis / treatment almost kills patient; 5. House figures out patient is lying about something; 6. House breaks hospital rules to treat patient; 7. Patient lives.
    After about 10 episodes I needed Vicodin just to tune in.

  2. i love the series, which made this season closer a double loser. worst show i can recall. might have passed muster in mid-season, but to end it this way?

  3. Sort of like canned tomato soup. Me, I'm not a fan.

  4. as house might say, people who don't like his show are the same people who hate soaps,which, of course, are his favorite pastime, next to monster trucks.

  5. It's a bad sign when the promos go into John Wells mode about the "shocking" events in store. The key appeal of House has always been Laurie and his biting, acerbic wit, but greater character depth beneath that. The medical mystery plots sometimes have some interesting twists, but it's primarily a character piece, not a spectacle show. There was some genuinely good moments this season (mostly between House and Cuddy), but overall, it was weak, and the ending smacked of burnout and "more ninjas!" desperation. (While Amber Tamblyn is a decent young actress, her Mary Sue character didn't help any.) Sometimes, a good series has an off-season and bounces back. I hope with their time off, the writers have some time and distance to unwind, recharge, and give their muses some well-needed lovin'.


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