Sunday, May 8

A repost from last March.

...And it's paid for with the blood of five thousand US soldiers and many more Iraqi civilians.

Anyone who gives her a seat on their television show is twisting the knife on all that is decent and honorable about America.

The idea that her father's war profits...
pay for cosmetic surgery...
to make her look more telegenic...
so she can promote and defend the murder of innocents and the torture of any...
in order to "keep me safe"?

Liz Cheney, and the networks who give her a stage, make Jesus himself vomit.


  1. Why do you hate America, Blue Gal? Oh wait....

  2. Jeebus love him some Cheney.


    The muscular Jeebus anyway.

    Love ya, BG!

  3. ...amen, yea, and verily!

    PS -- the code to post was "break" ...amen, yea, and verily!

  4. When I get disgusted with the perpetual advertising stupid as answer, I turn to you and driftglass for some straight, unadulterated, accurate, non sugar coated response.


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