Thursday, April 19

"Care for the poor" is inconvenient? For a Catholic lawmaker?

Exact quote and backstory here.


  1. Day after day I read the sad news about the war on Americans by those you would think least likely to be involved ,the politicians we elected to keep us safe.I find it hard to believe that the pushback against these moronic Rebublicans (In my opinion faschist pigs)consists mainly of bloggers,polls and a few in Govt. with the guts to speak out.Some in my family have been saturated with Fox and not much else to counter the lies .It's difficult to reason with fanatics inspired by lunatics.The worst of this group is the Clergy hiding behind the Word of God twisted to fit the conservative message they use to enslave Woman and keep men obedient.When are Democrats going to band together and turn this Country around ? From where I sit we are losing to this band of mercenaries ,who have enacted harmful legislation that will (If ever) take years to counteract.It's disgusting !

  2. As a Recovering Catholic, I find it appalling that the Corporate Whores and Fellators of the Filthy F'n Rich on the "right" use my hero, Jesus of Nazareth, as a front for their depravity. Where in their version of the Bible did Jesus side with the rich?? When did he piss on the poor and powerless???

    I've gone from saying, "I don't get it" to understanding that I get it all too clearly: these people are all either liars or Rubes, and either way, THEY'RE JUST PLAIN WRONG.

    Keep on speaking truth to power, and keep on sharing the language which makes that possible for the rest of us.


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