Monday, April 9

Short Coffee Rant

Color me completely unsurprised that those stupid k-cup coffee makers are bad for the environment.

The coffee they make also tastes like shit.


 ps. Mug from here. The network doesn't make these so I made my own.


  1. Never heard of them nor that artist guy that died as well. My world is small I guess. But then again I rarely see tv or a commercial of any kind.

  2. I broke down and bought the lowest end Keurig about 6 months ago. And except for the 12 included pods, I haven't used one since. How? I bought the accessory that allows you to use coffee you supply yourself (and grind fresh should you choose) that includes a reusable gold filter.

    So now - other than factoring in the possible negative effects of manufacturing the Keurig itself - I've got the best of both worlds! Able to quickly make a single cup (which is nice as I live alone) WITHOUT adding anything to the waste stream other than the coffee grounds - which. Unfortunately, I'm an apartment dweller and don't have anyplace to use them (or donate them) for compost.

  3. "Quality and convenience are rarely seen holding hands." (Alton Brown)

  4. Hi Steven: how does the coffee actually taste? I mean when I worked, they had a Keurig machine with green mountain and other types of K-cups but they all tasted pretty awful. Went back to the drip machine instead...

  5. Well. . . I love mine. The machine *and* the coffee. I think the blend you buy is what determines the flavor.
    I do hope there is a solution to the waste problem.


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