Wednesday, April 4

Frickken Emo Hipsters, I hate 'em.

And remember, Ryan's M.O. is always

1.  Propose outrageous cuts to government, in programs that the public generally favors.
2.  Get called out for the outrageous cuts.
3.  Be outraged at the mean-spiritedness of the person who said his proposal is outrageous.

From Ezra Klein in Wapo, emphasis mine:

[Ryan] didn't say his budget doesn't focus its cuts on programs for the poor, or non-defense discretionary spending. His statement, ... lamented Obama's "empty promises" and efforts to "divide Americans." But it didn't argue that the president got Ryan's numbers wrong. And that's because he didn't....
What divides Americans is 44% of them hate having a Black Democrat as President to the point at which they are willing to sacrifice any appearance of reason or common sense.  The rest are either under general anesthesia, or think tax cuts for millionaires and cuts in food programs for children and seniors is absolutely ridiculous.   Divided?  You betcha!

PS.  That shirt is a real thing in the world.  I think they mean it ironically, along with the one of Tonto saying "Speak Native American or get the fuck out."


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  2. His soul patch is the olive.

  3. hey Fran. your pic squeezed out the first chuckle of the day, thanks.


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