Thursday, May 24

Driftglass Wins the "When Will Newt Gingrich Next Appear on Meet The Press?" Bet

I bet on the slow news weekend following the Fourth of July; Driftglass said June at the latest.  He wins.

Don't get me started on what a deplorable, meaningless sewage pit Meet the Press is, or how completely not a  "reporter" David Gregory is.  Shame on that POS forever.


  1. I can never stop thinking "What goes through the minds of the people who book guests for these shows?" Noot's a loser -- many times over. He's just been rejected by the people of his own political faction in favour of a guy who's regarded as a cold fish by most members of that faction. They'd rather have a dead fish as their candidate than a blowjob-accepting blowjob persecutor. And that's who's considered guest-worthy? Are the bookers aiming at an audience of just the people who work in Congressional and media offices? Because who in the rest of the world gives a fuck about what Gnut thinks? TV and newspapers are continue to leap headlong into irrelevance, all the while pleading with someone to add more lead weights to their clothing in the hopes that they might fall faster.

  2. I never watched Meet the Press when Tim Russert was the designated corporate/conservative boot licker. Then it went downhill with Dancing Dave.

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Well, you don't get much more expert on the disgusting antics of the mainstream press than Drifty, so I'm not surprised.


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