Wednesday, May 23

Full Birther, Iowa GOP? Congratulations!

Hey Reince Priebus! How you gonna keep Orly down on the farm now? Seriously, the State of Hawaii should sue in Federal Court any other state that calls their birth certificate sovereignty into question. STATES RIGHTS! (I'm lookin' at you, Arizona) And now the totally logical response to the Arizona shenanigans from some Yippees is to start a petition to get the Secretary of State to PROVE that Mitt Romney is not a unicorn. But that site's photoshop is kinda basic. Here ya go:

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  1. A UNIVAC, maybe. Might explain a few things. Maybe they wheeled him too close to some strong magnets and corrupted the data on his tape storage unit. So now every time he gets to a bad spot on the tape, we get "Corporations are people, my friends" or some other such verbal glitchiness...

    -Doug in Oakland


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