Friday, May 18

Time to send Angela Merkel some more of that ready-to-eat cheesecake filling.

Because really.  We in the U S of A realize that there are some truths that while obvious and blatant, you just don't exclaim out loud, like "Lindsay Graham, what a flaming homosexual."

Angela Merkel needs to remember that while

"A united Europe means Deutchland gets to run everything, what part of Anschluß do you not understand?" 

Actually saying that, in this instance telling another country how to hold a "get out of the euro free*" referendum after you arranged for a sacking of the last leader in that very same country who tried to hold that same referendum and besides, they can't under a little quaint thingy they call their national constitution.   Ja genau das ist vergnügt!

And seriously, come over here, sit down with some Governors of some of the comparatively wealthy northeastern states, and ask them about West Virginia and Mississippi.  At least the welfare case of your "United States of Europe" has delish stuffed grape leaves.  

*Free?  Just an expression, Zorba.  Cool yer nads.

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