Friday, October 26

Ep 151 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I'm two minutes into the podcast, and...

    GRRL! You're *looking* for a Callista wig?

    I *know* you like to hang with the gays. You've quoted Princess Sparkle Pony... PRINCESS SPARKLE PONY!!! So I *know* you *know* the gays. (Can you sense my head bob through the web page?)

    Put a call out to any drag queens in your audience who will contribute a Callista wig. Perhaps you can let the person make a brief comment on the next podcast or ask you a question over skype, or you could link to her page.

    Any woman who knows a drag queen and complains about not having a wig to wear either has her brain stuck in neutral, or had her wigs raided by said drag queen.

    Ohh.... perhaps you could be Callista, and DG could be did up as one of his *previous* wives! You both could fight over Newtie (or Newtie's money) for Halloween!

    Oh, DG will NEVER let me post to his page again!

    (Perhaps I shouldn't sign that...)

  2. Ewwww! A Callista robo call for a book sales pitch! WTF???
    Too bad they don't have *truth in advertising* rules for robo calls like this:

    I am selling a hate filled, prejudiced, divisive rag, hiding behind the facade of patriotism!

    Classic rich bitch stepford wife/mistress attitude-- If her husband can't be president, she's not endorsing the party, just lookin' for cash flow.
    She needs $ for her Tiffany bling bill & to get out of campaign debt?

    It would be great if she was advertising a fire sale of some of her Tiffany's bling to help pay for Newt's failed campaign debt.

  3. DeistPaladin11:07 PM

    Re: 29:00 in the podcast.

    I understand Driftglass' definition of science fiction, that if you take away the tech and the story falls apart, it's science fiction.

    However, in this case, Atlas Shrugged falls apart as a story even WITH the tech left in place, so how do we classify it now?

    As just plain crap?

  4. For you, Blue Gal:


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