Monday, October 15

I hate to do this to POTUS the night before his big foreign policy debate...

But I was checking the top 100 podcasts for "News and Politics" on Stitcher Radio and...

I'm afraid you'll just have to eat our dust, Mister P.


  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    As a huge fan of those awesome rants, just tell PBO to suck it up...

  2. Ya know I'm pretty sure the President would appreciate the humor...

  3. Win. Congratulations!

  4. Anonymous8:57 PM well you should. The mealy-mouthed pablum which passes as Inspiration form the Bully Pulpit these days makes Sominex look like Red Bull.

  5. true_slicky10:38 PM

    Where's the "like" button...?


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