Thursday, October 11

With all due respect to Martha Radditz:

I wish SNL's Stefon had moderated the VP debate.


  1. Note to Ryan: your alternative to Medicare shouldn't sound like an Amazon description of a jockstrap.

  2. I'm 65 and I was lucky to have another 15 years after losing my tech investments in the early 2000s...but then I lost what was left in 2008.

    But my son is 43 and unemployed and I'm worried about him.

  3. As my country-bred mother-in-law might have said, "You do be a hard woman, Miz Blue Gal!"

    Not an error by "Madame Queen" in attempting a"prestige" dialect, but perfectly appropriate usage for the social/regional dialect she learned while growing up. Which is a nerdily indirect way of saying, "Depends on one's criteria and intial point of reference."

    Disclaimer: I've always loved particular skits from SNL, but never been a regular watcher. I don't even know who "Stefan" is. Actor's name? Recurring character's name?

    But I'm pretty sure you meant the comparison as a criticism of Martha Radditz. I came away with quite a different impression, perhaps because my point of reference was Jim Lehrer rather than Stefan. No one's perfect, but I thought she did great compared to Lehrer.

    Among all the other variables, Lehrer is a bobble-head, while Radditz is a reporter. Wonder how much of a difference that made?

    P.S. I thought Biden was strong, and that he did exactly what the campaign needed.

    P.P.S. The Googles tell me that Madame Queen was the street name of a female mobster in Harlem. And also the name of a locomotive in Santa Fe. Don't know where my strong, sweet, kind-hearted mother-in-law got her nickname (which she liked). Trust me, though, it wasn't from either a "gangsta" or a steam engine.

  4. Yes, that would have been quite entertaining! But I doubt even Hader's face would have been strong enough for 90 minutes of incredulity...


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